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The Mission of AGWSR Community Schools is to provide EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION so that each student will discover LIFE-LONG LEARNING and become a self-respecting, contributing adult member of society.



The short answer is very little.  I know there are a lot of people who are furious with the changes in Chapter 20 (Collective Bargaining)

that were introduced and later approved by our legislature.  I understand their frustrations, but want to reassure those people that even though we have new laws, we are going to treat our staff appropriately.


What people might not understand is that at AGWSR our board and administrators truly value the staff we have.  We are very fortunate to have a group of individuals who care so deeply about our students, who put in countless hours ensuring our students receive a world-class education, and who are committed to making AGWSR schools the best in the state.


Why would we want to treat our teachers differently?  Why would we want to hurt the relationship we have with our staff, one that is built on trust and respect?  To put it simply, we won’t.  We will continue to treat our staff fairly, while ensuring our district remains financially viable.  We have such a great thing going on at AGWSR, and we do not plan on taking a step backwards as we continue to work towards our goal of making AGWSR schools the best in the state.


Yes, according to the legislation, there will need to be changes made, but they will be of little impact to our staff.  We want great staff to be at AGWSR, and we have great staff at AGWSR.  It makes no sense to ruin such a great thing!


I’m stealing a couple of lines from a friend of mine, but the words resonate with me and our board and how we feel about our staff and what they can expect from us.


“ Finally, we want our staff and community to know that our school board and I support our staff and appreciate what they do for our students, our community, and each other.  Here are some things they can count on from us...

  • You can count on us to remember that our employees are our most important resource.
  • You can count on us to understand that wages, benefits and working conditions are critical to our ability to attract and retain great employees.
  • You can count on us to listen to you, whether it’s through a bargaining process or outside the bargaining process.
  • You can count on keeping the processes that we all agree work well for us. If we need to move those processes outside the master contract and into work rules we will—but we will keep what’s working.”



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