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The Mission of AGWSR Community Schools is to provide EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION so that each student will discover LIFE-LONG LEARNING and become a self-respecting, contributing adult member of society.



From the Desk of the Superintendent


I wanted to start out this article by taking a minute and congratulate our football and volleyball teams on their seasons.  I know things didn’t end up the way they had hoped, but overall, they still had great seasons.  I also wanted to congratulate Aubrey Fisher on qualifying for the state cross-country meet for the third straight year.


The high school band members, flag members, and cheerleaders did an outstanding job with their performances at football games, the high school choir had an excellent concert this fall, and I was extremely impressed by our students who performed in the play.  We are truly blessed to have such outstanding students in our district and also for having an excellent staff that are role models for those students.


This month I am providing an update on enrollment at AGWSR.  Due to our strong communities and excellent school system, we have bucked the trend that plagued this district for 14 straight years and has started a new trend that we hope to continue to build on in the years to come


October 1 is count day in school districts.  There are two different numbers that we pay close attention to.  The first is our Certified Enrollment.  This number consists of students who are residents of our district and includes those students who open enroll in a neighboring district.  AGWSR’s Certified Enrollment was up 3.4 students from 622.8 to 626.2.  This might not look like a big jump, but when you look at our open enrolled out numbers going down again for a 4th straight year, this is a great number.  In the last four years, our open enrolled out numbers have gone from 100 students open enrolling out four years ago down to 76 students open enrolling out this year.  To me, that is an extremely positive sign and we are hopeful is a sign of what to expect in the years to come. 


The second number we focus on is Students Served. This is the number that all schools know is one that will make or break a district.  Students served really means “how much revenue we are bringing in”.  For the 4th year in a row, our student’s served number has increased by double digits.  In that three-year span, our student served number has increased from 528.4 to 578.2, which is something this district really needed.  We’ve had fewer students open enroll out, more students open enroll in, and most importantly, many more students move into our district.


So what does this mean for AGWSR’s financial status?  At this point, AGWSR has what we would consider being a healthy financial forecast.  Our cash reserve continues to trend upward.  Our unspent balance has balanced out and we are forecasting that to trend upwards in the next 5 years.  Our PPEL, Management, Nutrition, and Activities funds are stable as well.


This is positive news, but I want to caution everyone that this news is as accurate as the most current data we have.  Being a smaller school district means that we are on “thin ice” in regards to our finances.  If our enrollment were to start to decline, we’d immediately notice that.  More importantly, if our legislature does not begin to give schools adequate funding, AGWSR will be in the same difficult financial situation that more and more schools are dealing with.   


This is where you as a community member can really help our district out.  With the legislature getting ready to convene in January, they need to hear from people in our community about the importance of adequately funding our schools.  Depending who you talk to (Republicans or Democrats), they will give you their party line stance and throw statistics at you to make their case.  Here is the stat that you need to know.  School spending goes up anywhere from 3-4% each year (inflation). Our legislature, on average, has given schools increased funding of around 2% each year.  Everyone can see the writing on the wall.  Increased enrollment has allowed us to keep our programs intact.  We shouldn’t have to rely strictly on increased student enrollment to allow our school to provide the services our students need to get a quality education.  It’s time for our state government to “step up” and do what we all know is the right thing to do!


Our legislators know what to expect when they hear from superintendents and school board members.  That is why it is SO important that they hear from their constituents.  Your voice DOES matter and will have a direct impact on what happens down in Des Moines during this upcoming legislative session.  We hope you will be willing to help us out.  If you would like more information on how to contact your legislators, what to say, etc… please email me at mjimmerson@agwsr.org and I will be more than happy to help.



I hope you have a safe and joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year!





Marty Jimmerson






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