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Band Uniforms

The band has two different uniform attire depending on the group/performance. For marching/concert band, traditional uniforms are worn for all major performances. The band also owns purple polos that are worn for jazz band and various music performances throughout the year that don't require traditional uniforms. Students are fitted at the beginning of each year for traditional uniforms and pay a yearly cleaning fee. Uniforms get sent in to Varsity Cleaners after every school year to be cleaned, so fresh uniforms are worn each year. The polos are also distributed at the beginning of the year and should be kept in their uniform bag throughout the year. Students are given a band uniform contract at the beginning of each year that states payment, conditions, and required signatures. Below are examples of both the traditional uniform and polo along with the band uniform contract.

Band Uniform Contract.pdf

AGWSR Music Dri-Fit Polo