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Solo/Ensemble Contest

The IHSMA State Solo/Ensemble contest is held every spring for all high school musicians to participate. Our students are highly encouraged to participate in at least one event - whether it's a solo or an ensemble of some type. Ensembles can range anywhere from a duet up to an instrument choir. The possibilities are endless in what instruments can be put together to form an ensemble. Solo/Ensemble contest is the number 1 musical event we do all year that produces the most growth musically for each student. The students are exposed to playing either individually or with a small group in front of a judge that critiques their musical performance. They students also are exposed to new music literature not used in a concert band setting. This past spring of 2016, we had 40 instrumental events participate. Of those 40 events, 21 received a Division I rating, 18 Division II ratings, and 1 Division 3 rating. We also had the great pleasure of having one of our junior flutists, Bethany Lippert, receive the "Outstanding Performance" award for her second year in a row! Lots to be proud of this past year!