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Projects Fall 2016

Spanish IV and 1st graders Día de los Muertos 2016
Spanish IV and 1st graders Día de los Muertos 2016

Spanish I Puppet Video Examples

Here are a couple examples of videos by Spanish I students introducing their puppet.


Project Example 1


Project Example 2


Project Example 3


Project Example 4


Project Example 5


Project Example 6


Project Example 7


Project Example 8

Day of the Dead 2016

Spanish IV - Crafts with 1st graders from Mrs. Abbas's room :)
   Learn more about Day of the Dead on the Spanish IV site, as well as the Spanish I sites.


Spanish I - Students created websites about Day of the Dead



Lukas R/Jaiden


Ali/Rachel S

Keara/Rachel W








Puedo ir al Baño Videos by Spanish I

Spanish I learned the song Puedo ir al Baño by Señor Wooly. They had to re-enact and sing the video as a class. Here are their projects. Señor Wooly owns the copyright to these songs and we do not claim to own them or have created them. We just love to sing them :)  Check out his website.


Period 1


Period 6


Spanish II Demonstratives in 30 seconds

Spanish II needed to make a 30-60 video showing examples of demonstrative adjectives. Here are a couple of project examples.


Project Example 1