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District Hardware

Computer Purchases and Rotations



2011 Purchases

iPad Mobile Lab for K-3

MacBook Pro Lab for 9-12


2012 Purchases

190 MacBook Pros for High School 1:1

2 Mobile iPad Carts for K-3


2013 Purchases

2 Mobile Chromebook Carts for 6-8

iPads lab for Cougar's Den


2014 Purchases

125 Chromebooks for Middle School 1:1

Additional iPads for Kindergarten


2015 Purchases

100 Chromebooks for 4th/5th 1:1

Additional iPads to finalize K-3 1:1






2012 Repurposing

MacBook Pro Cart moved to Middle School

MacBook Cart moved to 4th/5th Grade

iMac Lab to Wellsburg

iMac Lab to Ackley Elementary




2014 Repurposing

Chromebook Mobile Labs moved to 4th/5th Grade

MacBook Pro Lab moved to 4th/5h Grade


2015 Repurposing

Sold older computers in open sale - funding 4th/5th 1:1


Current Inventory Numbers

190 High School MacBook Pros

240 Chromebooks

60 Staff Computers

220 iPads

25 Student iMacs

35 SmartBoards

50 LCD Projectors