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District Highlights


The AGWSR Community School District serves students in four counties: Butler, Franklin, Grundy, and Hardin, including the communities of Ackley, Geneva, Steamboat Rock, and Wellsburg. The district covers 265 square miles in the scenic Greenbelt area of Iowa with easy access to metropolitan areas. Golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, parks, camping, bike trails, a wellness center, medical facilities, and many churches offer ample opportunities for recreation, fitness, and other family needs.

Bus routes transport students from the rural areas and the communities of Geneva and Steamboat Rock. Shuttle buses transport students to their home communities following practices. Approximately 700 students attend the district's schools.

Our Commitment to Excellence is illustrated in many ways:

  • Superior facilities
  • Preschool/child care centers, New Elementary Facility K-5 Ackley, Remodeled Wellsburg Center housing grades K-2 and 6-8.
  • Exemplary hot lunch program
  • Over 80% district approval for the $3.6 million PPEL levy
  • High test scores in ITBS, ITED, and ACT
  • Excellent vocation programs that include Family and Consumer Science, Multiple Occupations Careers, as well as excellent academic and fine art programs
  • Programs that articulate with area community colleges
  • Technology programs: Elementary Grades have access to 4 mobile laptop labs and 6 iPad labs.  Each student grades 6-12 has been provided a laptop for 24/7 access.
    Innovative programs meeting the educational needs of all students
  • Advanced Placement courses offered online through the Belin-Blank Center
  • At-Risk Program
  • Talented and Gifted program
  • Advisor/Advisee program
  • Special Education
  • Parent communications
  • English Language Learner supports
  • Title I Reading and Math programs
  • Counseling Services
  • Substance abuse programs
  • Character education
  • A full range of middle school and high school activities that enjoy statewide recognition