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The Accuplacer test is offered through The Hub (lower level, Kruse Main Hall); contact Wanda Koehrsen641-648-8587

Will My College Classes Transfer?


It's important to know how the college classes you are taking will transfer to the college you plan on attending after high school graduation.  Here is a direct link explaining how your college credits will transfer to other institutions:  College Credit Transfer Information

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Ready For College


Students of AGWSR High School are required to have 48 or more credits to graduate.  The following outline the requirements for core subject areas:


8 credits of English 

6 credits of Math

6 credits of Science

6 credits of Social Studies (including 1 credit of Leadership)

4 credits of Physical Education (.5 credits earned each semester totaling 8 semesters of PE needed)

1 credit of Health

21 credits of Electives

52 Total Credits


College Courses

Iowa's Senior Year Plus (SYP)  is a statute to ensure that all high school students in Iowa have increased access to courses that have the potential to generate college credit.  AGWSR High School is very fortunate to offer a strong collection of college classes to our students through a partnership with Ellsworth Community College.

In agreement with the SYP statute all students enrolling in college credit courses are required to meet high school requirements as well as the requirements of Ellsworth Community College.  To meet the high school requirements each student must be proficient in reading, math, and science according to their Iowa Assessment and MAP scores.   To meet the college requirements the student must be proficient in reading and math according to either their ACT or Accuplacer test scores.  

The Accuplacer test is a test students will take near the end of their sophomore year.  The Accuplacer test can also be arranged by the student and taken outside of the school day (generally at Ellsworth College).  For more information call Ellsworth College at 641.648.8524.  For information on how to register for the ACT visit  

Once a student has met the requirements there are several ways they can earn credit towards college.  First, AGWSR offers dual enrollment classes in agreement with Ellsworth College.  These classes are offered at the high school and taught by our qualified teachers. The students can earn credit towards both high school and college credit when enrolled in these classes.  The classes we currently offer for dual credit are:  

  • Farm Business Management                                  
  • Survey of the Animal Industry                                      
  • Composition I and II
  • American Novels
  • Music Appreciation                             
  • Human Growth and Development                         
  • Public Speaking

The other way a student can earn credit towards college is by taking an online class through Ellsworth. The class time would be scheduled into their normal school day meaning they would have a class period each day to work on the class. These classes are also counted towards high school graduation.  In addition, a student can take a class on Ellsworth campus which means the student would need to travel to Iowa Falls to take the class.  However, this is generally harder to schedule for the student into their school day.  


Here is a link to the Ellsworth Dual Credit Student Handbook which is very helpful in understanding the process and answers frequently asked questions:  Dual Credit Student Handbook


******A student must earn 12 elective credits through AGWSR High School offerings before they can schedule a college class.******