JMC Parent Notifications

1. JMC Messenger provides AGWSR Schools the capability to call and send text and voice messages directly to mobile and home phones concerning: school cancellations or delays, important event reminders, and changes to the activity schedule. In order to receive notifications you must first make some changes from the parent portal. Please login to JMC and click on the Student Information tab on the left. Once on the page double check that current phone numbers are listed. Finally put checks by the phones that you wish to receive text and voice messages - see image below

2. Parent Alerts - Is another feature that helps parents be proactive with classroom grades and attendance. For each child you can receive emails concerning missing assignments, tardies, and school absences. You may also choose to receive an email alert if your child's grade drops below a designated percent. In order to achieve this you must login to the parent portal of JMC and follow some steps. Instructional Video

Please take a moment to make the changes in the Parent Portal of JMC. Using these tools helps maintain an invaluable line of parent/school communication.