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Jazz Band

Jazz Band 2017

Jazz band starts in early October with rehearsals on Friday mornings from 7:30-8:15 and then go to twice a week a few weeks before a performance. Jazz band provides another musical experience and outlet for students to participate. We cover styles such as swing, bossa nova, latin, ballad, and rock and learn the basic techniques and fundamentals to them. Jazz band offers playing in these styles of music where concert band does not. 

You'll notice that most of the band students are involved in jazz band somehow. Many are playing secondary instruments and are renting school-owned instruments. We take pride in the high number of student involvement in jazz band, and all are welcome to play if they are willing to learn a jazz instrument. Jazz is a FUN time for everyone to learn new styles of music and have a good time as well!

The jazz band performs 3 times throughout the year: Winter Concert, Pops Concert, and the Festival of Bands Concert. The band also attends the NIACC Jazz Festival and UNI's Tall Corn Jazz Festival.