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Please feel free to contact Mr. James Abbas for any questions that you may have.

High School Address:

 918 4th Ave. Ackley, IA 50601


Phone: 641-847-2633


In the area of Student Development


Area Leaders: Sawyer Heitland and Taylor Sicard


1. Leadership

Committee Chairperson: Austin Aukes

Members: Taryan Barrick, Ethan Ubben, Wyatt Benning

 -Career Development Events

-National Convention

-District Office 



2. Healthy Lifestyles

Committee Chairperson: Hannah Benning

Members: Morgan Bakker, Tori Brandt, Trevor Clawson

-Christmas Bowling Party


 -Senior Trip

 -Chapter Trap Shoot 



3. Supervised Agricultural Experience

Committee Chairperson: Garrett Cooper

Members: Keara Day, Victoria Kuper, Alayna Hunt

 -Greenhand Degrees

-Chapter Degrees

 -Iowa Degrees

 -County Fairs

 -State Fair



4. Scholarship

Committee Chairperson: Taylor Hartwig

 Members: Bailey Cruzan, Olivia Cooper, Wyatt Ellingson

 -Educational Tours

-State Academic Achievement Awards

-Senior Scholarships



5. Ag Career Skills

Committee Chairperson: Kenzie Kielty

 Members: Joe Wiarda, Jason Seaberg, Alexus Hackbart

-Soils Judging

-Livestock Judging

-Horse Evaluation   

In the area of Chapter Development


Area Leaders: Aaron Roelfs & Josh Bartling


1. Recruitment

Committee Chairperson: Patrick Kuper

Members: Chase Harms, Isaah Grey, Alexis Johnson

-Junior High Visit


-National FFA Week



2. Financial

Committee Chairperson: Joseph Homeister

Members: Alicia Barnes, Carrinton Hunt

-Chapter Test Plot

-Fruit Sale 



3. Public Relations Activities

Committee Chairperson: Tanner Weichers

Members: Luke Starr, Jaiden Shahan


-SAE Ag Ed Publicity Award

-Journalism Award



4. Leadership Activities

Committee Chairperson: Liam Stubbe

Members: Tryston Gray, Titan Opperman

-District Officer Camp

-Washington Leadership Conference

-212° Leadership Conference

-360° Leadership Conference



5. Support Group Activities

Committee Chairperson: Tyler Meyers

Members: Jessica Morey, Taylor Kruger

-Rotary Club

-Ackley State Bank

-Town N Country Farm Safety

-Test Plot Night 

In the area of Community Development


Area Leaders: Haley Bakker and Lily Ellingson


1. Economic Activities

Committee Chairperson: Emily Rieken

Members: Keaton Penning, MaKenna Kuper

-Bench and Planters

    -Settlement on the Prairie



2. Environmental Activities

Committee Chairperson: Rachel Sicard

Members: Brody Roder, David Swenson

-Adopt a Highway


-Prairie Bridges Park



3. Human Resource Activities

Committee Chairperson: Riley Sicard

Members: Chance Tamminga, Jaden Penning

 -Operation Santa Claus 

-Operation Santa Can



4. Citizenship Activities

Committee Chairperson: Julia Grummit

Members: Cassidy VanHeiden, Sam Johnson

-Franklin County Fair Set Up

-Petting Zoo


Tree Pick Up

 -Landscaping Project     



5. Agriculture Awareness Activities

Committee Chairperson: Whitanie Nederhoff

Members: Ryleigh Schipper, Kristen Huttinger

-Slow Moving Vehicle Give-Away