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Día de los Muertos websites

Fall Projects 2015

Spanish IV - Guapo Video

Spanish IV - Guapo Video

As inspired by Senor Wooly's Guapo video.

Spanish IV - Choose your own Adventure Book

Día de los muertos iBooks

Students in Spanish IV wrote iBooks to teach younger students about Day of the Dead. You can download the iBooks from the links here. You will need to have a Mac computer with iBooks or an iPad / iPhone with iBooks in order to read the books.

Day of the Dead - General information

Day of the Dead - Decorations

Day of the Dead - Food

Puedo ir al Baño Projects - Spanish I and II Fall 2015

The students in Spanish I and II watched a video and learned the song "¿Puedo ir al baño?" - which means - Can I go to the bathroom?

It is a song created by SeñorWooly and is about a student who desperately needs to go to the bathroom, but will his teacher let him leave? The students memorized the song and then as a class re-created the music video. All of the Spanish students watched the videos and then voted for their favorites. Feel free to check out their videos linked here.

Spanish II - Period 1 (Won First place for Editing - Mollie A, Overall Video, and Lead Role - Aaron R)

Spanish II - Period 7  (Won First place for Best Supporting Role - Daniel C)

Spanish I - Period 6

Spanish I - Period 8