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Please feel free to contact Mr. James Abbas for any questions that you may have.

High School Address:

 918 4th Ave. Ackley, IA 50601


Phone: 641-847-2633

Chapter Activities

Senior Trip

Each spring, qualifying seniors go on a senior trip.  The seniors collaborate with Mr. Abbas to plan out all details of the trip.



Sauerkraut Days: Parade & Petting Zoo

The chapter has a float in the Sauerkraut Days parade each year.  We also host a petting zoo with animals brought by members and friends of the chapter.


Laser Tag

This year we had a laser tag event at a chapter members house.  Each member was able to bring a friend to the course.



Educational Field Trips

Each year our chapter takes one educational field trip.


Roadside Cleanup

Our chapter has been a part of the Adopt A Highway program for years!  Members get out of school for half a day to clean up litter on a two-mile stretch of land outside of Ackley.



Elementary Safety Day

In past years we have sent members to the elementary and middle schools to teach kids about farm safety.


Test Plot Night

Every year we have a test plot night were we allow people to come and ask about the plot and we provide a free supper for them by grilling burgers. We are excited to announce that this coming year we have added 11 more acres to use as test plots for our FFA.


Christmas Tree Pick-Up

In January the chapter is responsible for gathering Christmas trees from towns in our district.



Community Improvement

Members of the chapter help with various community improvement projects.  In recent years we have landscaped at a local retirement home and prepared planter boxes for local businesses.  Before winter we pick up and store all the benches and planter boxes outside of Ackley businesses and bring them back out in the spring.



At the beginning of each school year we have a dodgeball tournament at the high school.  It serves as a great kickoff activity for welcoming and recruiting new members.  It is open to the entire student body; FFA member or not.  Food and refreshments are provided and we've even invited neighboring chapters in past years.



Operation Santa Claus

Our chapter has always loved donating gifts for Operation Santa Claus! We are proud to say that we have been doing this for over five years!


School Assemblies

Student body involvement is important to us.  During National FFA Week we have various activities that spark a competition between grades and classes.  In addition to this, we have also had a school-wide pickleball tournament.