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Technology Leaders

Building Instructional Team Leaders Role (BITL)


  • Provide support and training for their building’s tech needs.
  • Support staff with technology integration
  • Lead small group technology PD
  • Work with Tech Integration Leader on developing PD
  • Lead morning tech breakout sessions
  • Communicate staff tech needs with TIL and admin

bitmoji-20160528152007.pngCarmen Oelmann

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Twitter - @carmenkoch


I have been an educator in the AGWSR School District since 2010, and teaching for a total of 8 years.  I was the Title 1 Reading teacher at Northeast Hamilton for 2 years and have taught 2nd Grade at AGWSR since.  I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Iowa (2008) in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a Literacy Minor.  I look forward to working with my fellow educators to further incorporate technology into the classrooms to help increase student achievement. 





Mary Gast

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Teaching is my “business” (no pun intended….well maybe) as I have taught business education and technology for over 20 years.  I began teaching In the Hubbard-Radcliffe school district, took off ten years while I raised my children, and then joined the staff here at AGWSR in 2004 teaching business and technology again.


I graduated from high school from Steamboat Rock (I think that dates me) and earned my BA degree from the University of Northern Iowa.  I continue to be a life-long learner by attending workshops, conferences, and college classes at various universities and area education agencies.  Education is a career where you not only get to teach students and sometimes colleagues, but you also learn from those students and colleagues.  I love that about education!  The halls of AGWSR schools are filled with great students and caring staff.  I look forward to working with these individuals on the teacher leadership team and hope we are effective in increasing student achievement.



Christy Koop

Email - ckoop@agwsr.orgIMG_1259.jpg

I have been a Spanish teacher since 2001. I spent 3 years at Northeast Hamilton in Blairsburg, 11 years at Iowa Falls-Alden and started in the fall of 2015 at AGWSR.  I have my BA from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. 


Some of my favorite things are Star Wars, Harry Potter, X-Files, LOTR and Don Quixote!  

 I love teaching Spanish and I also have a passion for using technology. My professional mission statement is: To challenge and inspire the students in my classroom the way I was challenged and inspired by Mr. Hasseldahl, Señora Meier, Mr. Rollins, Dr. Carlson, and Dr. Brogan. I am excited about the opportunities the Teacher Leadership program will provide for helping teachers and students find new ways to incorporate technology.





Deb Oldenburger01e12769-14d4-45db-a7b7-efacc4c09241.jpeg

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I have been an educator in the AGWSR school district for the past 14 years. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a double major in Elementary Education/Early Childhood. I later added my reading endorsement and my middle school endorsement. My passion is literacy.  I am excited for the opportunities the teacher leadership program can provide to increase student achievement. I look forward to working with and learning from all of my fellow educators.