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All State Festival

Bethany and Ian






Congratulations to the 2015 Iowa All-State Music Festival participants! Junior, Bethany Lippert was selected for her 2nd year in a row on flute, and senior, Ian Heetland was selected as a tenor in the choir! Congratulations!

IMG 1217







Congratulations to the 2014 All-State participants! Senior Cristian Villalobos on tenor saxophone and sophomore Bethany Lippert on flute were selected for the 2014 All-State Music Festival. This is the first year in MANY years that AGWSR has had not one, but TWO All-State participants! Your incredibly hard work and dedication has paid off!


What does it take to be selected for the Iowa All-State Music Festival? LOTS AND LOTS OF PRACTICE!! Any student is able to audition for the prestigious award and could be selected for the opportunity to be part of the All-State Festival. The requirements for the audition are: 12 major scales and chromatic memorized at a tempo of 88 bpm with a 16th note pattern, 1 minute of a solo of your choice, and the selected etudes picked by IHSMA. Above is a great video that IPTV put together on what the audition process is like.