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1:1 FAQ



How will this innitiative changer learning in the classoom?
Students will become active producers of knowledge instead of conumers. Apple describes it in this way, “Students become pilots of their learning not just passengers along for the ride.” Research shows that the 1:1 initiative “levels the playing field” for all students, regardless of any families’ economic situation. 

--Creates 21st Century Learners who take self directed innitiative
--Increase collaboration between in the classrom
--Increase student engagement
--Phase out texts that become outdated for current information that is interactive
--Provide technology skills and user confidence to all students
--Increase opportunities for learning outside the school
--Allows access to current information and a means to manipulate information in ways that connect it in meaningful ways
--Increases enthusiasm due to the ability to use the web and other technological sites 
--Promotes student pride through creative opportunities as opposed to textbook and worksheet assignments 
--Improves students’ ability to self-assess and set learning goals
--Increases interactive possibilities with teachers and other students

How will the laptop change learning at AGWSR?
21st Century classrooms include an increased focus on active learning, and reduces passive participation by students. Teachers can use multiple resources and content/assessment delivery to increase their time as a facilitator in a flipped learning enviromnent. In a flipped learning environment students need to take more responsibilty for their own learning, and will be required to demonstrate understanding of content aligned with the Iowa Core. 

Teachers will be able to: 
--Help students learn to manage their time and projects 
--Teach laptop/computer ethnical and responsible usage of technology 
--Assign tasks of inquiry, collaboration, research, and polished/published writing knowing that students have the needed resources 
--Provide student opportunities including independent learning and practice 
--Provide practice, review sessions, additional readings and differentiated learning for all students 
--Include the instructional component of the Iowa Core Curriculum which addresses the principles of “Challenge-Based Learning.” Challenge-Based Learning is differentiated, project-based learning during which students collaborate on problem-based, real world situations and solutions.


How is the district paying for this? 
Laptops are being purchased using SILO funds. The School Infrastructure Local Option Sales Tax can be used to purchase infrastructure improvements such as laptops. It can not be used to pay for textbooks, salaries, or insurance costs. Currently the district has 3 labs in need of being replaced at a total of 75 computers. With the 1:1 we will no longer need to purchase labs, lab furniture, mobile carts, etc.


What if we don’t have Internet at home? 
Internet at home is not required, but AGWSR does recognize there are learning oportunities through proper Internet usage. Libraries in the communities have free wireless access that students will be able to use.

When will students receive their laptops?
We will have a rollout evening in August that will cover Acceptable Use, Laptop Care, and Internet Safety. 


What if a laptop is stolen or damaged?
Students that damage their laptop will be responsible for paying for the repair up to $150 first time damage, $250 second time damage. Local law enforcement will be notified in the event of a stolen computer. Any damage or loss that is intentional will result in a full replacement fee. 


Will students get to keep their laptops during the Summer, will they get the same laptop each year? 
Laptops will be collected before the end of the school year for necessary maintenance and upgrades. Students will get the same laptop each year. 


Can we purchase the laptops after the senior year?
After graduation a senior’s laptop will be reassigned to an incoming freshman. 


Will student data be backed up?
Student data will not be backed up by the school. Maintaining a backup of important data is a life skill in the digital age.


Can students use their own computers at school? 
No. Students will be expected to use school computers at school. The district would not be able to effectively control security/virus issues if unapproved technology was allowed into the wireless network.


What safeguards is the district taking to ensure proper usage? 
Each teacher has the ability to remotely monitor student computer screens while students are in the building. AGWSR also recently purchased a LightSpeed Server that will filter student activity at school and at home. While no filter comes with a 100% guarantee, the LightSpeed Server is far superior to our current setup. Students that violate acceptable use will be placed on a limited access group as a consequence

For additional questions please feel free to email:

Mark Culver - Director of Technology